“Physically, I am not the woman I was, but my children know that I think perfectly well and love them dearly. I communicate with them with my eyes, my smile, my tears, and my laugh. I cannot hug them but just love to feel them touch and hug me.” – Diane D’Apolito

“Without your help I don’t know where we would be. The generosity from friends and family stops as they have their own family to take care of. But your checks still keep coming.” – Paul

“I can’t say enough about these people. There is still so much we have to deal with, but they have made a difference in our lives. We can never repay them.” – Sherry

“Their support has helped with home renovations, so that I could leave an institution and be reunited with my husband and two small children. Diane and her foundation is an affirmation of the kindness and humanity that exists in the world.” – Laura

“I cannot tell you how much stress that donation has alleviated from me. I am forever grateful and will never forget the day I received the check with a kind note. God Bless you all for your generosity to people with healthcare issues.” – Tara

“This gift has greatly eased a financially stressed time so I can better concentrate on regaining my health. Thanks again for making this uncertain time much easier to get through.” – Karen