About Us

The “Beyond the Rainbow Charitable Foundation” was organized in 1996. It  came into being because of one person,  Diane D’Apolito-May. In 1994, Diane’s life and the life of her family were suddenly and catastrophically altered when she  suffered a central brainstem stroke. The stroke left her physically incapable of  speech or movement, but left her mental  faculties completely intact.

In her battle to regain her physical  capabilities, Diane came in contact with  many other families similarly affected by a  catastrophic illness or injury.  It was at this point in her recovery that Diane decided to  turn the fund raising efforts being made on her behalf into a foundation to help many others.

Mission Statement:

“In Life, sometimes out of left field, people can be hit with a catastrophe. It is frightening and can at times be overwhelming.‘Beyond the Rainbow’ gives people with catastrophic illness or injury one less thing to worry about by providing them with some financial support. That is why ‘Beyond the Rainbow’ was created. That is what we are here for.”