Board of Directors

Meet the Board
How we got involved with Diane and the Foundation

Valerie Byrnes, President – I became involved in 1998 while working for a healthcare company with other foundation volunteers; when I saw how dedicated they were to Diane and her mission, I decided to be part of the foundation. I am constantly inspired by Diane’s courage, quick wit and giving personality, as she fights her own battle and helps others fight theirs. I am happy to devote my time and energy to help the foundation grow and continue to be a resource for people in need.

Diane Makoujy , Vice President – Growing up together with Diane, we not only became life long friends but so did our parents. As we think of each other as family, it was a natural decision to be involved with founding “Beyond the Rainbow”. Diane and her mom, Ruth, are an inspiration to us all. The people that we are able to help have also become extended family. It’s the way the world should be.

Stephen J. Zrowka – As a friend of Diane and part of the initial effort to raise money for her, I was one of the founding members of “Beyond the Rainbow” and served as its first President when it was created in 1996. Today, the goal of the foundation is to raise money to help other people who have suffered a debilitating injury like Diane, and to continue growing so that more people may benefit.

Linda Furnare – When I heard that Diane suffered a stroke, my initial instinct was to reach out to our core group of friends and see how we could help. The support we received was overwhelming, and we knew that people cared. Diane’s strength has been the real inspiration for me, as well as for those who go to “Beyond the Rainbow” for aid and guidance. The Foundation continues to work hard and get stronger every day to reach those that truly need our help.

Bob Baumgartner – Ten years ago, I was invited to join the Rainbow family by one of Diane’s High School classmates and best friends, who lived in my neighborhood. She thought my background as a physical therapist would be helpful. Today, I am still helping Diane in her quest to reach out to others like her.

Kathy Larson – I have been friends with Diane for a long time, and from the beginning helped her friends and family to raise money – at first our mission was to get her home. Working in the field of healthcare, I saw first hand that insurance really doesn’t pay for everything. Diane decided to begin “Beyond the Rainbow” because she also knows that people often don’t get all the coverage they need. We helped Diane create the foundation to give back to others that found themselves in the same arena. Diane is the heart and soul of this foundation and I am extremely proud to help her carry out her mission.

Robert Gabriele – I became part of “Beyond The Rainbow” through my wife, Nancy. I have been with the foundation for fifteen years and have had the honor of serving as treasurer for the past ten. Diane has a strong will and desire to help others, and I am proud to be able to work with her to achieve this mission.

Robert Corrado, Esq. – I am a partner in the law firm Corrado & Corrado located in Totowa, NJ, and have been on the board of the foundation since 1999. I wanted to help out and couldn’t think of a better charitable foundation. I am proud to help promote the goals and purpose of this fine organization.

Jessica Gunderman – My Mother is one of Diane’s best friends and founding members of Beyond the Rainbow so I have been involved with the organization for most of my life. Diane has been an inspiration to me from the time I was small, as she exudes positivity and a never give up spirit. I am excited to officially be a board member of BTR after all these years of volunteering and to be the next generation of members that keeps this amazing foundation running and raising funds for all our applicants.